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Specialising in rammed earth construction, revealing massive, humble, and durable walls.

Compacted layers of a carefully engineered soil mix, stabiliser and waterproofing, the walls look grand in a humble sort of way.

As a nervous architect once said to us, “You can replace a roof, windows, tiles, a kitchen, but you cannot replace solid masonry walls”. This is so true. The prospect of replacing massive walls is …. not worth considering. In a nutshell, as a specialist stabilised rammed earth builder, we undertake a very responsible task. We respect the investment our customers are making with us, and we provide the world’s best practice with our construction systems

Fast build-time

30 years of optimising our rammed earth construction process allow us to build faster than brick walling. The walls are built as a series of independent “monolith panels” made using hydraulic rammers. We use specialised formworks that are stripped each following day.


Our rammed earth walls have a unique off-form finish as they express sedimentary compaction lines that inform a simple and natural texture for which the material is famous. There is no need to finish with plaster, wallpaper or tiles, saving both time and money.


Our walls are load bearing up to three storeys without any core filling, reinforcing or other structural framing. The massive structural panels add substantial bracing to the fabric of a building and can withstand significant point loads from all various beams.

Aesthetically sound

The walls look grand in a humble sort of way! They are impressive because of their sheer bulk, yet have a warm and natural feel. It is worth designing to show off the ends of walls so inhabitants get to appreciate the mass of the structure; ie have wall ends jutting into rooms.


Rammed earth has around 70% reduction in embodied energy compared to bricks, and a high thermal mass. There’s further no firing process, resulting in zero kilns, thus eliminating harmful emissions, greenhouse gases and deforestation.

High thermal mass

The walls collect heat from the sun during the day and release the warmth during the night, which makes for a slow heat/cold penetration. This allows the internal temperature to remain stable, with warmer feelings during the winter and cooler in the summer than outside temperatures.

How we work. To achieve ideal rammed earth construction outcomes, we work closely with architects, structural engineers, and builders on all projects in and outside of South Africa. As the exclusive African member of the Earth Structures Group, we leverage 30 years of experience and a track record of 1400+ projects worldwide.

Send us your designs

01: Feasibility assessment.

Client requests rammed earth.

02: Site evaluation.

An earth sample can be prepared. Cost will vary depending on site [optional].

03: Design & proposal.

Client sends building designs to use to give a quote.

04: Installation.

We deliver a quote on the basis of local materials and equipment costs.

05: Operation.

Client accepts quote and we carry out the construction of walls, delivering a finished product.