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We deliver WaterGarden, a biological wastewater recycling system that blends in with nature.

A paradigm shift in how wastewater is treated and reused. Be smart with water.

We offer property developers and owners the opportunity to reduce water bills and ensure water resilience, without any capital cost. We do this by delivering a wastewater recycling service, powered by WaterGarden, a packaged nature-based system that treats water for use in irrigation, sanitation, air conditioning or drinking water.




A packaged plant to treat and reuse sewage.


A circular, regenerative solution based on global best-practices in sustainability.

Water resilience

Building local water resilience while addressing national water scarcity.

How it works:

The WaterGarden is a biomimetic wastewater treatment system which optimises and condenses natural processes of decomposition and metabolism to treat wastewater.

Step 1: Anaerobic

Pollutants found in the wastewater are broken down and metabolised by microbes, which are then in turn consumed by larger organisms in the constructed microbial ‘food web’. This process continues up the trophic levels of the constructed ecosystem, until small insect larvae in the roof of the second tank allow biomass to exit the system.

Step 2: Aerobic

The second tank is open, with plants growing in the roof. The plants absorb some of the pollutants contained in the wastewater as well as the plant root zone providing optimum conditions for the microbial interactions which drive the system to take place.

Step 3: Clean water

The use of these biological processes allows for a treatment which leaves no residual sludge – unlike practically all other wastewater treatment systems. As a result, the WaterGarden has a very low maintenance burden. The system can be customised to treat water from different waste flows and to meet requirements for discharged water.

How we work:

We simply install the WaterGarden at zero capital cost and bill for the service on a pay-per-use basis, at a discount to municipal rates = lower costs, a more resilient site, and a green building.

From South Africa and India to Switzerland and Papua Guinea. From hotels, universities, and parks, to malls, hospitals and residentials.


1: AsaDuru works with your team to finalise details of tie in points to your infrastructure and installation timing, to ensure minimal disruption to your site.

2: Civil works begin, mainly consisting of pre-fabricated components to minimise installation timelines.

3: Installation of re-use piping is done in parallel. All piping is colour coded to avoid plumbing errors after installation.

4: Once installation of the system’s physical structure is completed, final landscaping and electromechanical works are completed and the WaterGarden is ready to go live.

5: The system is commissioned, ensuring there is no interruption in building infrastructure.

6: Once commissioning is complete, standard operations commence. We monitor the WaterGarden via a remote monitoring system and conduct monthly site visits and water quality tests are sent to third-party labs, keeping you in the loop each step of the way.